To carry out the test of the mattress resistance to the attention of the list of matters needing attention
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To carry out the test of the mattress resistance to the attention of the list of matters needing attention

In our mattress when tested, there are some matters needing attention is to be especially cautious. Such as the durability test to how to choose the appropriate testing machine, impact test results to determine whether qualified. We usually test will indicate on what criteria.
At present, the European standard EN 1725-1998 against impact test interpretation is the use of impactor, 180mm above the free fall in the test position, each position of the 10 impact test, impact test by vertical mattress without failure, namely through the test, the impactor weight according to standard.
ASTM F 1566- 2008 the ninth part American Standard in Connell impact test, the test principle is the use of Connell impact test machine, resistance load capacity by testing the mattress spring in a certain period of time, to evaluate the mattress spring life. Loading device Connell impact test machine consists of a double hemisphere manually adjustable head and a weighing the impact force sensor head. The analysis of the host computer, data record, and output charts and graphs, to assess the quality of the mattress spring. The cumulative dent test results requirements the mattress does not exceed 44.5mm, change the support stiffness of not more than 40% or two modules - 15%. using alternating loading on the mattress, according to the number of the mattress the impact of the division level.
In the mattress impact test, the EU requirements on the impact resistance of the mattress is not failure is tested; American Standard in using computer and sensor testing machine connected with Connell, recording, analysis of experimental data, the result is more accurate and effective; our standard on the shock resistance of the mattress was classified, but this test method can be affected by human factors, and make the test results to differ.
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