ISTA standards 2A&3A Compare differences
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ISTA standards 2A&3A Compare differences

In the whole series of ISTA certification and testing, have their relative test standards for different specifications, different packaging, different modes of transport, this paper focuses on the difference between ISTA 2A and ISTA 3A so that customers can conveniently distinguish the product or packaging for ISTA 2A or ISTA 3A certification and testing!
ISTA 2A standard test specification includes: environment, pressure, vibration (constant frequency vibration / random vibration), shock (drop / ramp impact / horizontal impact), vibration (constant frequency vibration / random vibration)!
For different types of samples or packaging in accordance with 3A standard ISTA test project: environment (optional), stacking drop, random vibration, random vibration, impact (according to different specifications of the impact of the requirements are as follows: 1 standard parts, small drop; 2: flat rotation: edge falls, rotating surface falling, danger 3 extensions: rotary impact; edge drop and rotational surface falling, bridge impact) .

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