Carton Compression Tester
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Carton Compression Tester

It`s used for measuring the resistance of cartons, containers, etc to compression. It uses the dynamic pressure-holding technology to simulate the stacking test so as to know the resistance of pacing materials to compression during transporting and stacking. It employs the Load cell as the sensing device, and displays the resistance values directly via computer.
Adopting the high-end computer and self-developed software, it is simple to set test conditions, control operating mode, acquire data, process operation, display printing result, etc. This self-developed software system features rapid speed, new interface, flexibility and stability and simple operation. 
It can analyze relevant test data based on national standards, international standards or customer requirements, count and process test data, and output test report and characteristic curve of various formats.


According to standard:
TAPPI-T804 Compression test of fiberboard shipping containers
JIS-Z0212 Packaged Freights and Containers - Method of Compression Test
ASTM-D642 Standard Test Method for Tear Strengthof Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers
BS EN ISO 12048 Packaging - Complete, Filled Transport Packages - Compression and Stacking Tests Using a Compression Tester
GB 4857.3 Packaging - Basic tests for transport packages - Part 3:Stacking test methods using a static load
QB/T 1048 Board and carton box -- Tester of crush resistance

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