ASTM F1914 full automatic residual indentation testing machine
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ASTM F1914 full automatic residual indentation testing machine 

ASTM F1914 automatic residual indentation test machine adopts mechanical and electric loading mode to replace the traditional weight loading, the high accuracy, test method is more flexible, intelligent and scientific, without the need for manual operation of the automatic test mode.
To BA-11B ASTM F1914 full automatic residual indentation testing machine as an example, the product can be real-time control, display, record online load curve changes with the variation of loading data, automatic measurement of the thickness of the sample, the loading force, to pressure time and the amount of sag and other parameters, the whole test without the need for manual operation, than traditional weight loading measurement method is faster and more intelligent, scientific, accurate, efficient characteristics. 
The automatic residual Indentation test machine conforming to ASTM F1914, EN433, ISO 24343 copies of three standard test specifications, can be output according to the requirements of the user with graphic data and test report, has more objectively, more convincing force test report characteristics, to assist the user product research, quality control, establish quality reputation to provide irreplaceable powerful support. 

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