F1566-14 ASTM automatic test equipment without manual operation
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F1566-14 ASTM automatic test equipment without manual operation 

F1566-14 ASTM automatic test equipment without manual operation is the use of BANGTESTER
 based on intelligent test system to implement automation solutions for a complete range of high-tech instrument integration systems, which will completely get rid of the dependence of ASTM F1566-14 test on artificial, improve equipment intelligent, scientific and efficient performance.
Traditional Cornell testing machine including IDM product, in the ASTM F1566-14 related test are inseparable from the artificial in real time to adjust and handling mattress so that each test manually link up, such efficiency very low, and a full 100,000 times test cycle need 17 hours must artificial overtime to completed, by spent of artificial cost too high, not only waste resources also serious hinder development productivity of development and market expansion and reputation of established and maintenance.
A case study of the F1566-14 ASTM automatic test equipment without manual operation, the equipment used BANGTESTER industrial control system, makes all stage of impact trip and eccentric from achieved automatic measurement and adjustment, achieved full without artificial operation of full automation operation experience,not only for user save a name test engineers, also can in full days 24 hours no care Xia day and night work, to very efficient, and intelligent, and precision, and science of features for user provides full of test service and guarantees, for user created more value.

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