Office chair seat surface impact strength tester
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Office chair seat surface impact strength tester

There are many kinds of office chair, office chair and the material are many, there are leather, leather, cloth, wear strength, impact strength of these materials will affect the life and the beauty of the whole office chair, so we need to test the office chair seat, today we take a look at the office chair seat side impact strength testing machine related problems.
The impact strength test machine for the seat of the office chair is used to simulate the user's use condition, and then the specimen is subjected to the impact of the free falling body to judge the fatigue stress and the abrasion of the specimen. Test machine with electromagnetic valve, pressure regulating oil filter water double position sensor, automatic sensing test piece is damaged, and can automatically stop the test, setting the test number is convenient, and can direct digital real-time display of the number of tests, when the test machine detects specimen damage, will automatically stop the test and retention test results.

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