Standard test equipment for durability of seat backrest
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Standard test equipment for durability of seat backrest

Here we recommend a testing machine for testing the durability of the seat, because it is in accordance with the standards for the development of production, so we called the standard type seat durability test machine, the test machine can test office furniture in pushing back the seat behind a force and a certain number of times, check the back seat the ability of anti fatigue and the damaged parts, the standard seat durability test machine based on the standard ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011 "is the main office furniture. The general office chair.".
Standard seat durability testing machine produced by our company is equipped with two high precision servo loading test unit, while the configuration of the high precision planetary gear drive and spherical guide tooth belt type linear servo motor shaft test and PLC module, and the servo electric cylinder, servo motor and reducer, power system, server the sensor, some products are well-known international brands.
The standard seat durability test machine tension range can be adjusted by controlling the pressure in the 0---200kg, the test speed 10---30 / min can be arbitrarily set. The output angle of the test shaft can be changed by the position of the sliding fixed pulley, and has the function of stop / power failure memory and breakpoint detection, and the automatic shutdown and alarm can be realized when the test frequency is stopped, the test piece is damaged or the deformation is too large.
The standard seat durability test machine of high cost, and non-standard customized according to your request, welcome to inquire, there will be a professional sales staff to answer the test machine characteristics, and recommend suitable machine for you. The company also has a seat castor wear test machine, office chair seat impact test machine, office chair seat static pressure load testing machine, office chairs, such as the sale of casters test bench, welcome to visit the factory orders!

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