Office chair rotation durability testing machine recommended
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Office chair rotation durability testing machine recommended

Office chair rotating durability test machine after the surface of high strength Aluminum Alloy profile anode oxidation treatment, base with thickness not less than 20 mm and configure the 2mm rubber protective pad GB 45 steel, servo motor and reducer, PLC server, system and module unit, servo electric cylinder, force sensors are imported therefore, in the operation of the brand, can provide higher accuracy, and get the test results more accurate.
In the test, the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees rotation, rotation speed and the test time can be set according to needs, the test loading block can be adjusted within the scope of the standard, also has a data connection, you can connect the computer to obtain test data more. Office chair rotation durability testing machine according to the standard development and production, in line with the requirements of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011 office furniture. Our company is the production and sale of office chair backrest durability testing machine, the office chair backrest repeatedly push pull test machine, office chair, office chair Ipomoea compressive testing machine abrasion strength casters tester, office chair seat impact test machine, office chair, office chair armrest dumping tester durability test bench, office chair frame compressive strength test machine and so on, welcome to order and custom!

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