Seat bending alternating durability tester recommended
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Seat bending alternating durability tester recommended

In the office furniture testing instrument, our company has many years of experience in R & D and production, testing equipment company produced the critically acclaimed, here we recommend a favorable rate seat high alternating bending test machine, the test machine is mainly used to evaluate the chair surface stress endurance ability under the action of vertical.
The seat surface bending alternating durability test machine with high precision planetary gear drive and spherical guide tooth belt type linear servo motor shaft test and two high precision servo loading test unit, four force sensors, a channel control system, frame and chassis exquisite workmanship sophisticated materials with the touch screen controller is independent of the left a data interface, so that the test data will be transmitted to the local computer laboratory data services, can be observed in all of the force through the display value and the offset data and test results.
The seat of alternating bending durability test machine, static force value range module (weight) of the weight, speed and pressure test shaft trip can be customized according to the needs, the other company especially for the machine configuration of fault self diagnosis system and video monitoring system, all loading shafts are also equipped with a force sensor and a displacement measuring system.

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