Recommended for BS 1957 EN mattress roll hardness tester
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Recommended for BS 1957 EN mattress roll hardness tester

Today we said the BS EN 1957 soft mattress roll hardness testing machine for testing the pavement durability test of mattress mattress and bed, mattress and bed test at the same time, the surface deflection measurement height, edge height, evaluation of measurement mattress hardness value, degree of hardness, hardness and grade evaluation of automatic evaluation mattress the. In the test, the loading capacity, loading and unloading speed, load deflection curve can be set according to the test requirements.
Rolling machine soft hardness test of the mattress can be completed for example pavement rolling durability testing, hardness test, surface height test project, and all testing items according to the standard procedures for automated testing, after testing can automatically return, will automatically upgrade to the initial position of the roller. The rolling test system, the roller lifting system, the soft hardness testing system, the deflection testing system, the automatic shift system, the multi-channel control system and so on.
Our company according to the standard requirements of production testing machine developed different types of mattresses, mattress has durability test machine three in one test function, a single mattress roller testing machine, impact testing machine, soft mattress mattress hardness tester, welcome calls according to custom.

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