Mattress side pressure tester recommended
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Mattress side pressure tester recommended

As a mattress testing equipment manufacturers, our company's mattress testing equipment has been exported to Japan, Australia, the United States, India and other countries and regions, well received by customers and love. Today we recommend a side pressure durability test machine, the test machine with BS EN 1957-2012 "furniture, beds and mattresses, the functional characteristics of the test method for the determination and evaluation standards" requirements of the standard for testing fatigue durability and pressure mattress edge height.
The main frame of the side pressure testing machine of the mattress is made of high strength aluminum profile, and the base adopts the national standard 45 steel. There are also joint configuration in the loading device, and has a touch screen controller independent of each loading convenient control module, the accuracy of load load yuan up to 1/10000, the power sensor is a high accuracy, the test results are more real and effective. In the testing procedure is very simple, full use of fully automatic mode, a set can all fix, time-saving and more manpower cost, security than other manufacturers on the market of the machine must be high, the company has the prototype, welcome to come to visit, buy!

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