ASTM D1621-16 rigid foam plastic compression test machine recommended
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ASTM D1621-16 rigid foam plastic compression test machine recommended

In the testing standard for rigid foam plastics, today's version of "ASTM D1621" was replaced by the 2016 version of the 2010 version. In fact, foam foam compression performance related standards are also many, such as ISO 604, ASTM, D695 and so on.
Rigid foam compressive compressive strength can be characterized by the rigid foam resistance compression strength and compression failure, can also be understood as foam specimen rupture in compression test (brittle material) or yield (non brittle material) high compression stress. The area used in the calculation is the original cross sectional area of the specimen. In the case where there is no apparent yield point, the compressive stress at the pre-set offset yield point can be defined.
Our company provides rigid foam plastic compression testing machine, can test the compressive strength, hardness and so on, in full compliance with the requirements of ASTM D1621-16 standards, welcome to come to buy! In addition the company has sales of various mechanical properties testing machine, testing project diversity, such as tensile properties (tensile strength, elongation, bending etc.) (flexural strength), compression performance (permanent deformation rate), tear resistance and shear properties (perforated shear, interlaminar shear, punching, hardness, shear) the fatigue property, friction and wear properties (friction coefficient, wear), creep properties (tensile, bending and compression) and dynamic mechanical properties (automatic attenuation vibration and forced vibration resonance, forced vibration of non resonance) and so on, if there is demand, can call for solutions!

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