Recommended in accordance with BS EN ISO844-2014 foam compression testing machine
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Recommended in accordance with BS EN ISO844-2014 foam compression testing machine

In our daily life, foam plastics and hard materials are very common. They have various uses and excellent properties. How do we determine their compressive strength? We recommend a BS EN ISO844-2014 foam compression testing machine for you.
The foam compression testing machine can be used to determine the compressive strength of the foam, hard materials, according to the prescribed standards cannot provide a compressive force on material samples, or the provisions of the deformation of the compressive strength, compressive modulus and compressive stress-strain relationship under given conditions. When the device is used for testing, the specimen is compressed along its main axis at a constant displacement rate until the deformation reaches a certain percentage of the original sample height. When measuring the deformation of the sample, the load must be constant. A pressure head and base made of hardened steel in order to apply the load to the specimen. The press head and the base are fixed on the test machine, and the PLC control interface is used. We can input the relevant data in the interface and set the required control mode. The system can automatically calculate the required results and statistics, finally, generate and print out a line with the standard requirements of the test report, the operation is very convenient, it is better to save time and manpower cost, welcome to contact us, to obtain the most professional information.

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