ISO9227-2017 salt mist test required matters needing attention
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ISO9227-2017 salt mist test required matters needing attention

What should we pay attention to when we do salt spray tests on metal materials or other materials which are prone to corrosion? How do you ask for it in the standard?
The number and type of test specimens, their shape and their dimensions shall be selected in accordance with the specification for the material or prod uct being tested. When not specified, these paramete rs shall be  mutually  agreed  between  the  interested  parties.  Unless  otherwise  specified or agreed, test specimens with an organic coating to be tested shall be made from burn ished steel complying with ISO 1514, and of approximate dimensions 150 mm ×100 1n m ×l mm. Adescribes how test specimens with organic coatings are to be prepared for testing. Agives supplementary in formation needed for testing test specimens with organic coatings.
The test specimens shall be thoroughly cleaned before testing, if not otherwise specified. The cleaning 1nethod employed shall depend on the nature of the material, its surface and the contaminants and shall not include the use of any abrasives or solvents which may attack the surface of the specimens.
Care shall be taken that test specimens are not recon taminated after cleaning by careless handling.
If the test specimens are cut out from a larger coated article, cutting shall be carried out in such a way that the coating is not damaged in the area adjacent to the cut. Unless otherwise specified, the cut edges shall be adequately protected by coating them with a suitable material, which remains stable under the conditions of the test, such as paint, wax or adhesive tape.
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