Technical points of package level + incline impact testing machine
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Technical points of package level + incline impact testing machine

The machine with ISO 2244-2001 (E) "packaging - Complete filled transport packages of fifth parts, the level of impact test, impact test, inclined pendulum test", and other relevant technical indexes of ISO, 8611-1:2011 pallets for materials handling flat pallets - part first: test method, ISO 8611-2:2011 cargo transportation. The second part: the choice of materials handling plate -- Performance requirements and test method. ISTA, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2E, 3A, 3E, 3F, 3H and other standards. The company also has the standard of other testing and testing equipment.
The inclined impact testing machine is mainly composed of track, work trolley and baffle plate. The structure principle is shown in figure, and the size is actual!
The track is two straight and parallel to each other alloy track, track angle and the horizontal plane is 0~30o adjustable rail surface clean, smooth, and divided along the slope scale, a limit device is arranged on the track, so that the car can stay at any position in the orbit. The work trolley can roll on the track, the rolling device is clean and the rolling is good. An automatic releasing device is arranged on the trolley and is used in conjunction with a traction mechanism, so that the work trolley can be freely released at any position of the inclined plane. The test sample is placed on the work trolley, and the friction between the test sample and the trolley does not move relative to the shock before the shock. When the impact occurs, the test sample is free to move relative to the trolley. The baffle shall be installed at the lowest end of the track, with the angle between the impact surface and the track plane 90o, and the impact surface smooth. The working trolley can still walk a certain distance under the baffle after the test sample impact baffle, so as to ensure that the test sample is impacted with the baffle before the trolley stops. The test machine is equipped with four buffer feet for buffering.

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