ASTM D7032 composite board testing instruments recommended
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ASTM D7032 composite board testing instruments recommended

According to the standard requirements, the composite deck and the guardrail system to do a lot of testing, such as bending strength, temperature effect, humidity effect, anti freeze thaw strength, ultraviolet ability, anti sliding force, lateral nail nails or screws pull-out strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance strain intensity and so on.
According to different testing standards, we will recommend different testing machines for you. First we look at the bending strength, the tests are based on ASTM D6109 to test, using the four point bending head span as samples span 1/3, whole section length of the sample is 20 times the actual production of the recommended thickness, and prepare at least 10 tablets. The bending strength tester produced by our company meets the standard requirements completely, and the corresponding bending modulus can be obtained at the same time.
Secondly, the effect of temperature and humidity of the composite plate, respectively according to the standard ASTM D7032 4.5.1 and 4.5.2, the temperature is usually between 52 degrees and 29 degrees below zero, can choose high relative humidity or immersion environment, preparation of the samples with the same bending strength, we have a constant temperature and humidity test box, the high and low temperature test box, thermal shock test box available.
Again, there are anti UV and aging strength, mainly based on the standard for ASTM, D6662, ASTM, D2565 and ASTM G154, when testing, in selecting the light source, there are two optional xenon lamp, UV lamp, UV testing recommendations for two thousand hours. Here we recommend the company to produce xenon lamp weathering test box, UV aging test box, yellow aging tester and other equipment to you.
Fourth, in the freeze-thaw test, a freeze-thaw test machine can choose professional standards, according to the ASTM D7032 in the 4.7 test items, to do after bending test to confirm the change of product performance. Flame retardancy can test its spontaneous ignition point and flame propagation speed.
Finally, the mechanical properties, mainly refers to the lateral nail slip force, composite plate nail or screw pull-out strength, mechanical composite board testing machine can well meet the standard requirements, welcome to purchase, please contact 13602369145 for more information!

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