Standard and basis for testing mechanical properties of composite wood products
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Standard and basis for testing mechanical properties of composite wood products

There are a lot of making composite materials on the market and products, the market coverage is very large, but also particularly good products, composite wood products such as we want to say today, a composite board introduced in front of us there is a "composite board test instrument with ASTM D7032 recommended" can refer to.
The mechanical performance test of composite wood materials, several kinds of test items, such as the pullout force, sliding force, pulling force and impact abrasion strength, flexural strength, each test has special reference standard.
Composite wood materials are usually used as material floor, wardrobe, desk stool etc., in which the splicing process often use nails or screws to be connected and fixed, the nail and screw pull-out strength is very important, specific requirements of nails and screws sample standard ASTM D1037, a friend in need can go to see. The same slip force and pulling force are all aimed at nails and screws on composite wood products. These tests are stress value by mechanical bond composite material testing machine testing results.
For the abrasion strength of composite wood products, the main standard is ASTM D4060. The standard specifies the type of grinding wheel, the load and revolution, and the shape and thickness of the sample. Machine floor, casters, abrasion test machine, floor furniture, furniture leg abrasion testing machine, etc.. The bending strength is tested according to the standard ASTM D6109. We have a composite wood bending strength tester and an anti bending press test machine recommended. A friend in need can contact us by telephone!

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