New BS EN 581-1:2017 requirements for outdoor furniture testing
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New BS EN 581-1:2017 requirements for outdoor furniture testing

With the people's living standard is getting better and better, more spare time and money, travel, bungee jumping, rock climbing and other outdoor activities have gradually increased, with tools, products are more and more, for outdoor activities, safety, safety and strength of these outdoor furniture, tools, supplies are also getting more and more attention.
We know that there are many kinds of outdoor furniture, such as chairs, folding chairs, baby chair, rattan chair, armchairs, bar chairs, beach chairs, reception chairs and so on, BS EN 581-1:2017 is about first seats and table part of outdoor furniture, household and camping custom: General safety requirements. The furniture is mainly aimed at the edges and corners of the furniture, the accessible openings, the visible shear points and moving parts. For specific requirements, please refer to the standard, we will not move any more here.
Our company production, design, development and sales of all kinds of furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, test instrument, detection of course also includes outdoor activities, such as climbing rope tension test, impact test, safety helmet safety belt under bungee jumping, strength testing, welcome to inquire!

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