Furniture raw materials involved in testing items and testing machines recommended
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Furniture raw materials involved in testing items and testing machines recommended

We use a wide variety of furniture, in addition to the style, function is not the same, making the material are different, such as wooden furniture, metal furniture, if it can be subdivided good variety, here is not so much trouble, we analyzed from the raw materials of furniture production to the test project the best and most suitable, and will recommend to your machine.
To say there are wooden furniture, rosewood, sandalwood and other wood furniture on the market, there are man-made wood-based panel furniture, the main test items of these wooden furniture formaldehyde content, water content, static bending strength, elastic modulus, scratch resistant, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, resistance to cracking resistance, such as cigarettes, followed by corresponding testing equipment formaldehyde climate box moisture meter and static testing machine, bending strength, elastic modulus tester scratch tester, surface abrasion testing machine, flame retardant furniture strength testing machine, strength tester and so on.
Hardware furniture in the current market has a large share, many wooden furniture fittings are hardware, such as hardware buttons, rings, handles, hinges and so on, but can not be underestimated. For testing hardware furniture and accessories, basic metal coating hardness test, impact resistant metal strength test, metal corrosion detection, adhesion strength test, high-temperature creep strength test and so on, the corresponding machine has recommended metal coating hardness tester, impact strength testing machine, metal adhesion tester, salt spray corrosion testing machine and high temperature creep testing machine etc..
Remove these large wood, hardware components, and some decorative items, such as paint, leather, textile, plastics, adhesives, used for furniture products in the paint, mainly to detect the volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals; leather is required for the detection of formaldehyde content, pH pH and dye, wear resistance, light resistance, tensile and compressive strength; textile fabric with leather almost, but should pay attention to check the fabric color fastness and rubbing strength; foam is mainly concentrated in the sag ratio, springback ratio, tensile strength, compression permanent deformation, tear strength and so on; the adhesive is mainly considered volatile on. In this part we recommend the following table for you: VOC volatilization test box, abrasion resistance test machine, fastness tester, compressive strength test machine, friction testing machine, tensile testing machine, foam compression testing machine, foam fixed load test bench, welcome to learn to buy!

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