Furniture, physical and chemical, mechanical properties, relevant testing standards
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Furniture, physical and chemical, mechanical properties, relevant testing standards

The furniture is usually divided into wooden furniture, metal furniture, upholstered furniture, mattresses, sofa, kitchen furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture furniture, education and so on, each classification method will follow the rules and basis, regardless of how to distinguish these furniture products need to fully test their physicochemical properties, the mechanical properties, safety, environmental protection, stability and strength, are indispensable.
Xiao Bian took the time to sort out the relevant furniture testing standards, and we summed up by Europe and the United states. The first is Europe, mainly DD ENV 12521, BS EN 1730, prEN 12520, BS 4875, BS EN 1728, EN 1022, BS 4875-7, BS 4875-8, EN 1727, BS EN 581-1, BS EN 581-2, BS EN 581-3, BS EN 527-1, BS EN 527-2, BS EN 527-3, EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3, BS EN 14074, BS EN 1729-1, BS EN 1729-2, BS EN 1129-1, BS EN 1129-2, EN 1725, BS EN 14749. Followed by the United States furniture standards, office furniture for a more comprehensive ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 to X5.9 series, and then ASTM, F1561, ASTM, F2057.
Of course, this is only part of it, not all. If there is a need, the relevant standards can be obtained by telephone. Provide a variety of standard bond test machine, also provide non-standard customized machines, such as furniture, desk stool test frame pull pressure integrated testing machine, impact testing machine, office furniture durable lock durability tester, foam compression multifunctional mattress shock durability testing machine load test machine, and so on, welcome to consult!

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