What are the latest standards for sanitary product testing?
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What are the latest standards for sanitary product testing?

Sanitary products mainly refers to the toilet, toilet, bathtub, washbasin, life of these products with our close, every day we are in use of these products, their performance, comfort, beauty and so influence our experience, will see its performance at the same time we usually buy these the product, and compare, to choose the most suitable for our bathroom products.
In general, bathroom products will do such as pressure test, durability test, impact strength test and tightness test, static load test, salt spray test, flow test, anti siphon test, overflow test, dynamic load test, anti fouling performance test and so on in the factory, the standard also has a number of.
A bathroom products standard, we here are a part of, such as JC/T 764, ANSI Z124.5, BS 1254, DIN 19516, GB 6952, ASME A112.19.2, AS 1172, EN997, JC 987, ASME A112.19.5, BS EN 14124, BS EN 14055, GB/T 18145, QB 1334, GB/T 23447, EN 1112, ASME A112.18.1 EN, 817, QB/T 2664, QB 2585, JC/T 779, EN 14516, EN 12764, ASME A112.19.1, such as the need to understand and test machine parameters in detail, also please contact us!

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