Standard arrangement of aging test
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Standard arrangement of aging test

In our life and work, automobile, paint, paint, printing and packaging, paint, textile, rubber, plastics, roofing materials, coatings and other products will produce the aging phenomenon in different environment, and then influence the whole life. At present, we use the aging box simulation of sunshine, rain and dew and other environment produced on samples damage, aging box through the material to be measured on exposure through interactive cycle control of sunlight and moisture, and improve the temperature to test, and using ultraviolet fluorescent lamp simulated sunlight, through condensation or spray the simulated moisture effect, used to assess changes in material color change, gloss, crack, foaming, catalysis, oxidation etc..
There are many standards related to aging testing, and here are some of the following:
AATCC186, weather resistance: UV and moisture exposure
Test method for color fastness of vinyl coated polyester fabrics by ACFFA
ISO 4892 plastic - exposure to laboratory light sources; 3 methods: Fluorescent UV lamp
DIN 53384 artificial weathering, aging and exposure to artificial light
BS 2782: Part fifth, method 540B (method of exposure to laboratory light source)
ANSI C57.12.28 accelerates the enclosure integrity of weathered composite equipment
ANSI, A14.5 specification for accelerated weathering of portable reinforced plastic ladders
ASTM C1184 specification for structural silicone sealant
Standard Practice for ASTM C1442 for the use of sealing devices in manual aging tests
Standard Practice for ASTM D 904 exposure to synthetic light for adhesive samples
ASTM D1248 polyethylene extrusion materials Standard Specification for wires and cables
Standard Guide for testing ASTM D3794 coil coatings
ASTM D 4329 Standard Practice for light / plastic water exposure
Standard Specification for ASTM D4434 for PVC sheet roofing
Standard Practice for exposure to ASTM D 4587 light / paint water
Test methods for ASTM D 4674 accelerated test exposure to interior plastic color stability
ASTM D 4799 test for accelerated weathering of bituminous roofing materials
Standard Specification for ASTM D5019 for reinforcing non vulcanized polymer film on roofing panels
ASTMD 5215 Standard Test Method for vinyl floor dyeing instruments -- adhesives
Standard Specification for ASTM D 6662 plastic flooring, flooring
ASTM F1945 inkjet printing for light exposure in interior fluorescent lighting
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