Ceramic cutting tool inspection items
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Ceramic cutting tool inspection items

Due to the advantages of ceramic cutting tools sharp, lightweight, health, now more and more people use ceramic tools, the performance parameters of ceramic tool materials (microstructure, hardness, density, chemical composition, flexural strength, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, hot hardness, thermal shock resistance, impact toughness, fracture toughness, performance cutting, friction etc.) should be tested. The material referred to here refers to two basic materials: alumina (AI2O3) based and silicon nitride (Si3N4).
A lot of test items, the first is the impact strength, here are divided into two aspects: performance and impact toughness test method for thermal shock, thermal shock resistance is usually the sample (sample processing into bending strength test requirements) heated to the required temperature, and then immersed in cooling water samples from high temperature, in different temperature is repeated several times, finally the specimen surface polishing, testing the residual flexural strength, temperature and residual heat make different impact times under flexural strength curve, and thermal shock performance comparison of materials; while the impact toughness is the sample size and shape in a shock load thrust when the unit cross-sectional area of the consumption impact work to characterize; secondly, is the bending strength of ceramic tool materials testing, usually we will according to the standard provisions of the implementation of three point load Method determination. Finally, the friction strength and the coefficient of friction and friction of the sample under the condition of no oil lubrication will be used to characterize its friction performance. Here recommend the corresponding test bench for everyone, namely, high and low temperature impact test box, impact strength testing machine, bending strength test bench, wear-resistant test machine, our company has a variety of machine tools available for purchase!

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