Sample preparation and test steps for the impact load performance testing project for structural panels
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Sample preparation and test steps for the impact load performance testing project for structural panels

The first thing we think about is the shape, size and preconditioning of the sample. In the actual production process, we need to ensure that the environment is the normal state, and ensure that the specimen length direction perpendicular to the main supporting member, in the static and impact load test before, should be possible for conditioning and conditioning simulation of the operation of the process, which is dry to wet, then to dry. There is no deflection and vertical displacement of the supporting members under the load.
Before we carry out the test, we should first confirm the loading position, which should be in the middle of the upper surface of the sample. When a load test is completed, the specimen without signs of damage in the same specimen on different positions and choose a loading point. The two loading points should be not less than 890mm (parallel to the grid component measurement) and are distributed in different spans.
Before the impact loading, the diameter of the 76mm steel disk was applied to the test position, and the loading speed was 2.5mm/min, and the deflection of the test location relative to the test frame was recorded when recording the 890N. The concentrated load test device to unload, use impact bag applied impact load, the impact of the bag should fall on the surface of specimen loading, initial landing height shall be 152mm for each 152mm should be increased. The measurement of the landing height should be at the distance from the upper surface of the specimen to the bottom of the impact bag at the adjacent support position. Each pocket, should be steel plate with a diameter of 76 mm in the test position and the concentrated load is applied loading rate of 2.5 mm/ min, the test specimen deflection position relative to the test framework record 890 N. After measuring the deflection of the specimen, the concentrated load shall continue to be increased at the loading speed of 5mm/ min until the specified guaranteed load is reached, and at least 3S is maintained. When the specimen is sure to bear the guaranteed load, the unloading is immediately unloaded.

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