Recommendation of impact testing machine for Aluminum Matrix Composites
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Recommendation of impact testing machine for Aluminum Matrix Composites

Now the market composite increasing the proportion of composite materials due to its superior performance has been widely used as aluminum matrix composites we say today, the categories of material mechanical and physical properties of specific, to meet the needs of the production of many products, it is one of the metal matrix composite material the most commonly used and most important materials, light weight, low density, high plasticity, easy processing, high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion has. The composite material which is introduced into the matrix of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy or (and) reinforcements is called aluminum matrix composites.
The impact of aluminum base composite material testing machine for impact testing machine of composite material, we will set the two ends of the sample geometry is placed on the test machine on the bearing, with the provisions of energy pendulum one-time impact on the sample to determine the energy absorption of the sample, a sample pretreatment method of making and we will follow a separate briefing. The normal use range of the impact tester is the 10%~80% of the maximum impact energy of the pendulum, if it exceeds the maximum value, it should be reported as approximate value in the test report and 80% of the capacity of the test machine is exceeded.
For the application in aluminum matrix composites continue to expand, and the test of aluminum matrix composites have not stopped, we spare no effort to develop a positive, whether its scope or its specific performance, looking forward to a great discovery, can benefit the composite material for the emerging industry.

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