Car ball head seal testing machine
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Car ball head seal testing machine

Car ball heads are used on many key components of the car, and some are exposed to harsh environments such as rain and mud. Therefore, it is essential to test its performance and durability. The automobile ball head seal test machine produced by BANG INSTRUMENT Co. Ltd. is designed with reference to various test methods, and its applicability is very wide. The test methods include: NJ18.3015.90,SAEJ193.FEB87,JASO.C715,JASO.C615.

The equipment can complete the normal temperature and high temperature mud spray durability test, swing and rotation durability test. The test equipment can set the swing frequency, swing angle, rotation frequency and rotation angle. The temperature can be set from -40 ° C to 85 ° C. The maximum test load of the test bench is 50 Nm, which can meet the needs of different tests. Various data during the test can be saved, and the test report can be automatically output. The report format can be customized for editing. The test machine has a fault self-diagnosis function. When an abnormality occurs during the test, the test can be automatically stopped and the fault information is recorded.

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