BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three standard test instrument equipment manufacturers
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BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three standard test instrument equipment manufacturers


With efficient test instrument equipment production capacity output, to achieve a wider range of testequipment testing space and use, which is Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. professional development of a multi-use and can take into account BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three standard technical specifications of the floor caster test equipment significant features, Its reliable quality, intelligent science benefits from Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. over the years not only the development, research accumulation and summary of experience.

With scientific breakthroughs in the research of floor caster wear test and test technology, the free and non-free switching of irregular testing and rule testing can be achieved, all matching test ingress synors based on the characteristics of the user's product, and the intelligent and reliable accurate data test and analysis and evaluation system. Occupy the market floor caster wear test 70% market share, this is Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. bravely won "in line with BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three standard test equipment manufacturers" unremitting efforts, but also the trust and support of users, Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co. , Ltd. continues to develop pioneering and enterprising power.

As a professional BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three-standard test equipment manufacturers, Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. not only take into account the compatibility of the three standard test technology and specifications, but also combined with the characteristics of the floor itself of each manufacturer (such as materials, structure, production process) to develop more suitable for floor development research and test testing technology And the corresponding test ingress with the corresponding test equipment reasonable, complementary perfect combination, in order to achieve the best intelligence, precision, scientific and cost-effective.

BS EN 985, EN425, ISO 4918 three standards are related to a special floor test equipment for testing flexible floor and laminated floor coverings durability, wear resistance, fisseverity performance and other test projects, in the increasingly diverse floor development industry, Floor quality and product reliability stability is to highlight their product skilled characteristics and excellent characteristics of the most direct expression, the development of product testing and analysis technology and quality control technology is Zhengbang testing equipment in the testing instrument industry and flooring industry has always been adhering to the firm responsibility and responsibility.

More floor caster wear testing and testing technology please pay attention to Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co. , Ltd. technical support center, more business consulting and technical support please contact with our mainland unified customer center, special non-standard and customized product technical services, please come to our factory to communicate and negotiate.

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