Differences between vibration testing, collision testing and shock testing
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Differences between vibration testing, collision testing and shock testing

Modern electronic technology is developing faster and faster, product production and use cycle shorter and shorter, how to ensure that products in the design, production and use of the process of no problems, which is every manufacturer must consider the issue. Reliability Testing (HALT/HASS) is a very efficient way to detect defects in a product. General reliability tests are divided into temperature and machinery, or a combination of the two. In particular, the reliability test of mechanical mechanics class, it can be divided into vibration test, collision test and impact test, I believe that we do not know very well about this, in the end what difference they have? Let the engineers of Bang instrument Co., Ltd. explain it to you below.

The main difference between acceleration size and impact time, vibration test ingress is fatigue test, to carry out long continuous testing, and collision test and shock test are generally single test, collision test than impact test energy is small, impact test is destructive test, generally will cause physical damage to the measured parts.

The vibration test general acceleration is 20g, the frequency is less than 5000Hz, while the shock test acceleration will be very large, there are 600g, their test waveforms have different waveforms, such as sine wave, trapezoidal wave, square wave, semi-sine wave, post-peak saw tooth wave and so on.

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