Health testequipment for mattress fatigue life
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Health testequipment for mattress fatigue life

Located in the mattress fatigue test and health maintenance and use of intelligent research, testing, evaluation as one of the integrated analysis system and test instruments, which is the mattress fatigue life of health testequipment unique functions and intelligent characteristics, widely used in mattress fatigue life, health and intelligent characteristics and functional characteristics of testing, research and development evaluation.

Taking BA-7141 as an example is the most representative mattress fatigue life of health test equipment not only has a series of intelligent measurement and control system, but also has the test results of the maximum data-based function to test monitoring, quality assessment, development and analysis to provide the most reliable, most reliable, most practical data-based support. Through the data analysis system, the error of manual judgment can be avoided and the stability, reliability, truth and objectivity of test evaluation can be improved.

Based on the different design principles of mattress products, manufacturing process, material performance, healthy and intelligent characteristics of different features, the corresponding functions and technical characteristics of the health test equipment of mattress fatigue life are also different, the final test technology and final test results according to the specific use characteristics of the product, The comprehensive analysis of its own technical characteristics formulates an appropriate and reasonable automated matching automatic measurement and control system and analytical statistical system to ensure the full development of test instruments and modern products to better integrate, in line with the design and development research and quality inspection and evaluation of the comprehensive needs.

Detailed introduction of health test equipment for mattress fatigue life and technical program planning, understanding and consultation on mattress ASTM F1566, BS EN 1957, QB 1952.2, JIS S 1102 related testing technology and testing equipment, Please contact our customer service center to obtain or more product series welcome to the factory to communicate.

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