Durability and hardness tests on mattresses
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Durability and hardness tests on mattresses

Durability and hardness tests on mattresses
Product Name: Durability and hardness tests on mattresses
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Durability and hardness tests on mattresses Detail Introduction
Durability and hardness tests on mattresses
1. roller pavement durability test
2. automatic measurement of height loss
3. automatic measurement of mattress hardness
4. edge pressure tests
5. to export high losses, hardness testing data for computer editing reports
7. Control: servo motor +Servo control system
8. sample size: L2200mm* D2200m*D360mm
9. test speeds: (0~20)/min
10. the deflection and hardness test: (1~300) mm/min:
11. pavement rolling travel: servo-drive set and control
12. comply with EN 1957:1998 drum set, bed load durability pad a (unspecified all technical parameters of the instrument, in full accordance with the standards for technical requirements)
13. weight of about 1180Kg
14. power supply 220V,16A,1500W
15. size 220x350x210cm cm (WxDxH)
1) at the same time, efficient and automatic completion of mattress coverings durable, height and edge durability test:
2) greatly saves the user's human resources, fully automated test systems, and preventing human error, ensuring accurate and reliable test data:
3) equipment available 24 hours a day without stopping the run for 30 days, no fault, no exceptions:

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