Vertical Type Freezing Tester
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Vertical Type Freezing Tester

Vertical Type Freezing Tester
Product Name: Vertical Type Freezing Tester
Product Model:BA-TH80
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Vertical Type Freezing Tester Detail Introduction
Vertical Type Freezing Tester

This machine is used to test the bending/ flexing durability of rubber, plastic, shoe, synthetic leather... etc. under the specified cold environment. Since the design of this tester adopts the vertical structure, it`s not necessary to bend down for installing the specimen.

Cooling Speed Within 60 min (approx.)
Refrigeration System Single stage, hermetic compressor Two-stage. hermetic compressor
Inner Chamber/Grips Stainless Steel ( Interior Imported Frosty Stainless Steel)
Insulation (to Keep Warm) Hard polyurethane foam

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