ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine
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ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine

ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine
Product Name: ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-3118
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ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine Detail Introduction
ISTA Large Drop Testing Machine
This detection equipment enables product package or container when dropped at different heights, the height is determined by the falling pieces of the quality of the product packaging or the product itself determine the strength of anti-drop is important ISTA certified test equipment series.

Product Features: 
Using SCM single-action mechanical interlocking control system + drive + wings drop arm reset solenoid control system that allows the device to run and test function is more reliable and stable.
Multifunction test mode is set, the integration of a large package and packaging containers levels drop test, drop test and tilt drop test different heights.
Overall drop height (drop wings) Sync adjustment, step left drop arm height adjustment and height error compensation function, for different standard test specifications and requirements.
Drop from front to back with a flexible arm (length) adjustment function; only between different specimen length adjustments.
Drop height stroke mechanical protection devices; can reduce or even avoid abnormal failure.
The ergonomic design elements, in line with ISTA standardized technical requirements and technical specifications related test portion.

Specifications & parameters:

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