Compliance with EN14604 smoke detector test smoke box recommended
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Compliance with EN14604 smoke detector test smoke box recommended

All we know is that fires are often catastrophic, how to prevent is we have been trying to explore the problem of the current situation, fire detection and alarm is still one of the important means of fire detection and alarm. A commonly used smoke alarm, smoke alarm and quality is different, for fire alarm equipment related standard there are many, such as we want to say EN 14604, translated into Chinese is smoke alarm equipment, according to requirements, we developed a smoke alarm for the quality detection of the smoke box, it can detect the stability of smoke alarm equipment in use, such as temperature resistance, shockproof, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical stability and so on.
In fact, in addition to stability we said, the standard also provides some other indicators, such as performance under fire situation (sensitivity, response delay, etc.) supply voltage allowed tolerance, EN 14604 is suitable for household or similar purposes by stray light, smoke alarm transmission light or ionization control at the same time. This standard applies to the car with smoke alarms.
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