Summary of the chair test items involved in ISO7173
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Summary of the chair test items involved in ISO7173

The ISO7173 standard test requirements of the project have a seat static strength, static strength, back strength, lateral arm strength, vertical handrail handrail wing of the static strength, fatigue performance, seat and backrest chair foot forward static strength, static strength, the feet of the lateral base diagonal strength, impact strength, impact seat armrest drop strength, strength, various cases from the various aspects of simulation and Bench Chair in the use of the process may encounter, and to evaluate the quality of the chair bench right.
We produce and sell all kinds of machine according to the test standard, such as static load test machine, the back seat static strength testing machine, test bench, handrail handrails lateral strength of vertical load impact test machine, a seat and a backrest fatigue test machine, the chair foot forward base strength test load test machine, instrument, stool impact tester stool, drop test machine, welcome to inquire and order!

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