EN 433 Characteristics of the intelligent automatic indentation apparatus
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EN 433 Characteristics of the intelligent automatic indentation apparatus

For example, the BA-B10D automatic intelligent residual depression equipment, for example, the device has a button to complete (fully automated test, without manual operation) function, the user can save a test engineer, the whole test are fully automatic, completely avoided Manual operation of the uncertainty and adverse effects, greatly improve the test efficiency and test accuracy, which is intelligent and scientific products where the advantage lies!
The function of automatic intelligent indentation tester.
 1. Automatic measurement of sample thickness.
 2. Automatic measurement of residual depression.   
 3.Have the function of displaying and recording test data and data curve.
 4.Measurement of the power, time and displacement of the real time curve display, vivid image, intuitive display.
 5. Export test curve test report.

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