Recommended in accordance with BS EN 581-1:2017 outdoor furniture testing machine
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Recommended in accordance with BS EN 581-1:2017 outdoor furniture testing machine

The 2017 edition has been released in March 17th this year, officially replaced the 2006 version, and the distinction between the 2006 versions: the standard version more clearly that only suitable for adults, defines the contact component of desks and chairs, and must be evaluated in the corner tables and chairs can contact parts into consideration, but also need to be tubular the end parts may exist a finger injury risk is taken into account, the new standard removed to the pore, provides corresponding shear and squeeze point standard is considered in the adjustment of product in the wrong user pose any risk, the product should be can control their movements. Protection against lubricant stains should be avoided in normal use. The load data is in agreement with the old version.
In order to adapt to the new standards as soon as possible, our company has carried out a series of optimization work on the existing machine tools, which can well meet the new standards. At the same time, we have introduced a complete inspection machine for tables and chairs, cabinets and stools, and we are welcome to inquire for information! There are also a variety of single machine test function are available, such as outdoor folding chair static load testing machine, outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture testing compressive strength impact strength testing machine and so on, welcome to contact us!

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