Wheelchair tester machine [HD]
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Wheelchair tester machine [HD]

Bang Instrument co.,ltd Production of testing machines in accordance with the standards of ISO7176. Supports manual & power wheelchairs.Test items including the static, impact and fatigue strength and so on.







ISO-7176《wheelchair tester equipment》tell us how to use this Technical Report.Standardized testing and information disclosure: Provides background information on standardizedtesting of wheelchairs. Discusses how chairs are tested and how information is disclosed.General considerations: Discusses general considerations related to choosing a powered or manualwheelchair.Incorporating personal body characteristics: Relates your physical characteristics to the fit of a chair,either manual or powered.Manual wheelchairs: Discusses manual wheelchair test procedures.Powered wheelchairs: Discusses powered wheelchair test procedures; focuses on three- and fourwheeledscooters as well as full-sized powered wheelchairs.In the manual and powered wheelchair sections, the test procedures are grouped into three categories:performance,safety, and dimensions.
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