Resilient floor performance test
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Resilient floor performance test

Resilient floor resilience test is mainly used for various composite floors, that is, commonly known as PVC rubber flooring, it is to assess the floor after the external force can withstand the deformation resistance. Zhengbang detection equipment Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plate test equipment, test equipment we can meet your needs floor performance detection.
The list of PVC floor related performance tests is as follows:
1.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of the resistance to staining  
2.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of the effect of simulated movement of a  furniture leg
3. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of the effect of a castor chair  
4.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of the side length, squareness and straightness of tiles
5. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of overall thickness  
6.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of the thickness of layers  
7. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of mass per unit area  
8.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of peel strength
9. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of shear force
10.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of residual indentation after static loading  
11. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of dimensional stability and curling after  exposure to heat
12.Resilient floor coverings — Determination of flexibility
13. Resilient floor coverings — Determination of density
14.Wear group classification  
15. Electrical resistance-Body voltage
16.Electrical resistance-Electrical resistance
17. Sound reduction of transmitted impact noise by floor coverings 
18.Sound absorption 
19. Thermal conductivity
21. Resistance to stubbed and burning cigarettes
22.Odor Emission

The related test methods are as follows:
ISO 10582:2011 Resilient floor coverings —Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings-Specification
ISO 10581:2011 Resilient floor coverings - Homogenous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings - Specification 
EN 649:2011 Resilient floor coverings - Homogenous and heterogeneous polyvinyl chloride floor coverings – Specification
 EN 651:2011 Resilient floor coverings - Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with foam layer – Specification
 ISO 24011:2009 Resilient floor coverings - Specification for plain and decorative Linoleum
ASTM F1066-04 (2010e1)Standard Specification for Vinyl Composition Floor Tile
ASTM F1700-13a Standard Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile
ASTM F1303-04(2009) Standard Specification for Sheet Vinyl Floor Covering with Backing
ASTM F1913-04(2010) Standard Specification for Vinyl Sheet Floor Covering Without Backing
 BS 7188:1998+A2:2009 Impact absorbing playground surfacing - Performance requirements and test methods
BS EN 14904:2006 Surfaces for sports areas — Indoor surfaces for multi-sports use — Specification

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