Static stability, dynamic stability, collision testing of walkers
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Static stability, dynamic stability, collision testing of walkers

The safety of infant and young children's supplies has been the focus of attention, involving the use of infant sonand goods, whether manufacturers, businesses or users are particularly concerned about safety issues. Similarly, the country in the quality of infant supplies measurement norms are also quite important. If the appropriate age infants and young children use the walk-in standards: GB 14749-2006 infant walker safety requirements.

The standard defines the bottom line allowed in countries where walkers are produced. Among them, the static stability test and dynamic stability and collision test test ingress test project, Dongguan Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. produced the walker stability test equipment can meet these three test requirements at the same time.

Bang instrument Co. , Ltd. production of walker stability test equipment can provide a tilt sliding platform, so that the walker to provide a certain level of initial speed. The entire system operates automatically and can be released at any height within the range of the machine travel. At the same time, there is an anti-control device to the installation of weights play a security protection role. The impact wall of 20mm plywood is provided and the rigid bezel with a height of 40mm is used to meet the requirements of static stability, dynamic stability and collision testing.

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