ASTM D2047:2017 Automatic floor anti-skid, anti-skid testing machine
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ASTM D2047:2017 Automatic floor anti-skid, anti-skid testing machine


Current floor prevent slip, check slip test is one of consumer safety guarantee important link, every year consumer by slip fall the safety accident that causes injury is increasing gradually, and each manufacturer of floor industry is in mutual competition market, the advantage that its prevent slip performance also is one of the key that its expand market advantage.

To this end, reduce or avoid the safety accident rate of anti-skid floor products and develop and expand the superiority of anti-skid products is the top priority, to solve the customer blind development of anti-skid effect and can not predict and quantitative analysis of the specific effect, so Zhengbang specially developed an intelligent ASTM D2047: 2017 automatic floor anti-skid, anti-skid testing machine to meet the needs of this application background, is conducive to the product development and market development of floor enterprises.

ASTM D2047: 2017 automatic non-slip floor, check slip tester, ensure the products have passed UL about anti-slip certification and the United States, Taiwan university of science and technology and the product is used for the European and American association jointly developed, has the rich extension module, and onboard calibration module, with the third party testing authority than the result of the test unit and the United States.

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