Bedding Impact Tester
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Bedding Impact Tester

Bedding Impact Tester
Product Name: Bedding Impact Tester
Product Model:BA-7146
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Bedding Impact Tester Detail Introduction
Bedding Impact Tester
• Innerspring Mattresses • Boxspring Base • Foam Mattresses • Chairs
• Innerspring Mattresses • Boxspring Base • Foam Mattresses • Chairs
• ASTM F1566 • AIMA American Innersprings Manufacturers • JIS K 6400

The machine consists of a 79.5 ± 1kg platen, which drops down and impacts the test specimen from various heights as selected by the operator.  This allows comparison of results obtained by impacts from different heights.
The Bedding Impact Tester has been designed and manufactured to perform various tests and evaluations of innerspring and boxspring mattresses, as well as foam mattresses, chairs, cushions and other similar products.
The Bedding Impact Tester can perform tests that give a wide range of results to help determine product performance and quality.  Tests and results include:
Bounce Decay Time
Shock caused by impact
Effect different bases have on bounce and shock caused by impact
Testing the overall strength of a mattress set to withstand forces exerted by a person jumping on the mattress
Tests can be used on bases whether sprung or flexible
Test reports can be viewed to display Force over Time and also Force over Distance
 With manual or automatic operation through an external PC linked to the machine, the unique software allows operator to run tests using the computer and display results as a graph as well as a table for test data.  The program also enables tests to be printed and saved for later retrieval.
• Drop test platen 14” diameter 
• Computer operated software 
• Ease of operation 
• Data storage 
• Printable test graphs
 • Pezio Load Cell 
• Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or110 VAC @ 60 HZ

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