Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester
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Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester

Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Name: Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Model:BA-TH608
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Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester Detail Introduction
Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester
Programmable temperature and humidity test chamber can simulate any change in environmental temperature and humidity is applied to the detection electronics, electrical appliances, food, automotive, rubber, plastics, metal, notebook and other products.
In a variety of harsh environments, the reliability and stability of parameters to meet the GB/T2423, GJB150A1 / 4.The reliability of experimental results will be important reference and provide R & D designers to predict and improve product quality.

Product Features: 
※ Fully closed one-piece structure, strong motor, low voice refrigeration system
※ France imported energy saving compressor with Japan intelligent controller
※ With special shock-proof table mats for maintain the best quiet and steady state 
※ Philips Lighting, built-in high and low temperature demisting, defrosting device. Easy to observe
※ LCD in Chinese/English touch-screen display, intelligent microcomputer PID SSR / SCR automatically forward and inverse two-way synchronization output
※ A USB communication port can connect computer to control the remote control
※ Highly accuracy Intelligent control programming system and setting control system provide best test performance to user
※ Widely adapted to industrial electrical and electronic, military, plastic, metal, chemical and other industries.
※ Reference standard: GB / T 2423.1-4, GB 10592, GB 11158, GB10586, GJB150, IEC 60068-2-30.

Detail technical parameters:

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