OVEN Tester
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OVEN Tester

OVEN Tester
Product Name: OVEN Tester
Product Model:BA-OVEN-2
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OVEN Tester Detail Introduction
OVEN Tester
To be used in electronic components, plastics and chemical products aging test tools, iron preheating, quenching, roasting, stewing, annealing, ash testing, refining and other high-heat test.

Product Features:

※ Top heating element, long life※ Imported digital thermometer, accurate temperature control, easy to operate※ Heating / Cooling fast, rapid economic※ Over temperature protection, safe and reliable※ Can pass gasSpecifications & parameters:

Temperature range: RT +50 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ (adjustable)Temperature controller: PID microcomputer controlTemperature Resolution: 1.0 ℃

Control accuracy ± 1.0%

Temperature Control: Microprocessor PID auto tuning function, LED display subtitlesOutside SECC steel, fine powder coating processing, high temperature ceramic platesInsulation material for high-temperature high-density rock wool importsconfidentiality protection of material for high-temperature rock wool cut from wholeTemperature into force (K) TYPE output of 12V, the temperature sensing element ceramic high-temperature probe body protectionCurrent controller for the import of SSR contact less RelayTop heating element, heat evenly smooth, long service lifeTime control: with timer, temperature to time, to automatically shut down whenCircular way: thermal radiation and natural convectionTimer: temperature to time, time to cut off the heating power.

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