Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct
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Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct

 Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct
Product Name: Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct
Product Model: BA-10TT
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Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct Detail Introduction
Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct
This machine’s tensile and torque capacity can be adjustment. It is suitable for small objects or structures of regardless of the test metal, plastic, rubber or other materials can be effectively tested to withstand tension and torsion force, when used, do not like the general test machine must pull off so far, when using this machine, such as the set of products are exposed to 10KG tensile strength, just test pieces on the table, you can reach 10KG, does not cause damage to the specimen, very convenient. Two operating choice is manual or electric.
Product Features:
Pull capacity and torque capacity is optional. By manually movable clamping turntable platform, testing toys or small objects of tension and torsion.
Specifications & parameters:
Design Standard: GB / T 3686,529,6344,10654,20310,3690,4944,16491,QB/T2171 standards.Capacity choice: 10, 20, 50,100,200 N. Or KG-M.With a special fixture.

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