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Disc Sampler

 Disc Sampler
Product Name: Disc Sampler
Product Model:BA-3014A
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Disc Sampler Detail Introduction
Disc Sampler
Disc sampler can be fast, accurate and safe cut out 100 square cm (1 square meter of one percent) of the circular sample size, and then with an accuracy of 0.01 g of the balance, said the weight of the fabric is multiplied by 100 (paper) weights in grams per square meter. This instrument is suitable to take a variety of cutting fabric, paper and non-woven materials such as the thickness of 5mm or less circular sample, the sampling area: 100cm2.

Product Features: 
※ Accurately cut standard samples (100cm2), combined with electronic scales, items can be said of the unit weight (grams)used in the textile, paper, packaging, testing and research and other industries
※ dedicated sampling devices, with a wide range of sample size, high precision and easy operation
※ According to the sample thickness to adjust the degree of the depth of the blade distance, with maximizing the life of the blade and rubber mats, and rotary cutting force when the specimen lighter smooth cutting
※ High-quality aluminum alloy material, the amount of feed steeples adjustable thickness (thickness adjustable range: 0-5mm.

※ Note: When using safety buckle need to pull up after use safety buckle reset.     
※ Note: The instrument blade edge sharp, not the use of hand on the bottom, so as to avoid damage.     
※ Note: The sample should be cut to take the rubber mat, wipe clean the instrument when not in use, on the meter box to avoid damage.     
※ Note: The sampler used after locking device, rotate to the position, the blade is not exposed, so as not to hurt the hand and other items.     
※ Note: The instrument has ruled the bottom notch, for a fixed sample, easy to cut, to prevent sample slippage.    
※ Note: If, after a period of time when the blade is not sharp, blade replacement as 
※ The sample (to be cut fabric) tile on the rubber mat, will be placed on the specimen sampler disc, open the sampler on the locking device, according to the thickness of the sample to adjust the blade to a suitable distance (Note: The amount of feed 0-5mm steeples adjustable), hand held onto the jacket in one hand and hold the corrugated hand wheel, and exert a certain pressure, and then ripple hand wheel clockwise rotation (angle greater than 90 degrees), then the circle and cut the sample.
※ blade is double-sided disc sampler total of four blades for circular external four
equal parts, the blade can be replaced, the specific operation is: Loosen the screws (four
screws on each piece), remove the blade plate and sampling blade, put a new blade (blade
angle every four blades can be recycled four times), the pressure on the blade plate, note
the blade clockwise tangential mouth, and make four incisions in the same plane, and then
tighten the screws.

Specifications & parameters:
※ Otherwise other special sizes of disk sampling knife to choose from (¢ 140mm, ¢
74mm, ¢ 38mm, ¢ 36mm, and customer order size).

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