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  • Product Name:MIT Folding Endurance Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3016
  • Product Introduction:MIT Folding Endurance Testing Machine for testing folding endurance of materials of paper. This mach...
  • Product Name:Analog Tear strength tester
  • Product Model: BA-3017
  • Product Introduction:Analog Tear Strength Tester is measured proprietary equipment. The main technical specifications and...
  • Product Name:Paper Puncture Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3019
  • Product Introduction:This testing machine use triangular pyramid to pierce the specimen and getting the sample shock valu...
  • Product Name:Intelligent Paper Puncture Testing Machine
  • Product Model: BA-3019A
  • Product Introduction:Intelligent Paper Puncture Testing Machine is corrugated board anti-puncture performance (both punct...
  • Product Name:Analog Stiffness Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3022
  • Product Introduction:Description: Analog stiffness testing machine is used to test paper and cardboard stiffness. F...
  • Product Name:RCA Paper Bag Abrasion Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3023
  • Product Introduction:Description: This machine is suitable for mobile phone, PDA, MP3, CD players, note book, and jewelr...
  • Product Name:Ink Printing Decolorization Machine
  • Product Model: BA-3024
  • Product Introduction:Description: Ink printing decolorization machine is to test cartons’ abrasion of printed ink. This ...
  • Product Name:Switch Life Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-810
  • Product Introduction:Description The testing machine is used for electronic keys fatigue testing of special equipment. I...
  • Product Name:Packing Compression Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3115
  • Product Introduction:Description Microcomputer packing compression testing machine is used to simulate the clamp loaders...
  • Product Name:Paint film Impact Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-5016
  • Product Introduction:Description Incline impact test machine simulation product packaging in the actual environment's ab...
  • Product Name:Luggage Shocks Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-6010
  • Product Introduction:Description This testing machine is used for the overall structure of luggage, sewn to mention the ...
  • Product Name:Quantitative Sampler
  • Product Model:BA-3014
  • Product Introduction:Description The device is paper, cardboard quantitative determination of dedicated sampling devices...
  • Product Name:Paper Smoothness Tester
  • Product Model: BA-3021
  • Product Introduction:Description This machine is used for detecting the degree of smoothness of paper and cardboard. ...
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